Simply put, Mashmellow is a creative co-working space for a badass generation. We are a tribe of work hard/play hard entrepreneurs obsessed with crafting the best forward-thinking ideas of our time.



Located in a minimal industrial loft in central Ekamai, our facilities have got everything you need to boost productivity and creativity. Settle into our co-working area, ten private offices, two meeting rooms, and a conference room. Our cozy space is all about open, unintimidating vibes and, of course, it’s all decked out with hi-speed internet.

But Mashmellow is much more than just a place to work independently. Much like the name suggests, we are a place for a ‘mash’ of people to come and ‘mash’ their ideas together. Because of that, we not only encourage networking but we are also a passionate incubator, ready to help fund the most epic dreams that walk through our door.


You’ll get a fun, hands-on experience here at Mashmellow through our curated workshops, personal members-only pitch days with our investors, and plenty of networking events. But, as the ‘mellow’ part of our name suggests, we also want you to relax here: snooze off in our two nap rooms, grab some food in the pantry, or scrub off the procrastination in our onsite-showers. We also have private storage lockers on site to keep all your belongings.

Needless to say, our driven team are always on standby to support everything you need. We open every single day, between 8:00AM and 9:00PM.


Bangkok is a city bursting with inspiration and dreams that are simply waiting to be shaped into reality. Ideas are everywhere here, flying in between the skyscrapers and rushing through the underground. Ideas are our favorite disease, and it’s our primary mission to make them double, triple and multiply. With Bangkok being a booming hub for startups, we know there is endless potential left, right and centre.

At Mashmellow, we aim to be a one-stop destination for “mashing” ideas in a “mellow” environment. Our goal is to help young businesses and entrepreneurs kick off their journey and grow through our strong but welcoming platform, networking base and productivity hub. We dream to be the place that helps you curate your inspirations and make them into something that will shape the world. Our work hard/play hard environment and mentality is something we want you to be addicted to. Are you ready to do something epic? Then prove it.


At Mashmellow, we are passionate, personal and attentive. We are not a massive, global brand and we do not want be. Our local, small hub is our advantage and something we take pride in. It allows us to pay attention to the details, to work closely with everyone who steps through the door, and to focus on kicking ass at each and every dream. Our quality facilities and prime location prove we like to set the bar high. We make working enjoyable and, thanks to our incubator program, you can be sure we don’t set up dreams to fail. Here, we like to get things done.

As badass entrepreneurs ourselves, we know getting off the ground is not easy. We have our own stories, goals, dreams, failures and obstacles — and we’d love to hear about yours. We invite everyone who’s hungry for success to go on this crazy ride with us.


The Mashmellow team is an ass-kicking crew of inspired, young entrepreneurs who love to work hard and play hard every single day. We are a small yet energetic family that loves to brainstorm, share, play devil’s advocate and create outstanding results. We are obsessed with getting our hands dirty to achieve what we are passionate about, and we know that all great work comes with great rewards. Every day, we work together to challenge one another onto new dreams, while having each other’s backs along every step there. We know that our success is a team effort – we push towards new goals together and make sure that absolutely no one gets left behind. It’s our main responsibility to be the best that we can be everyday, so that we can help you achieve your best results.